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Egg donation

The legal regulations regarding fertility treatment using donor eggs vary from one State to another.
We can thus offer this treatment method at our IVF Centers Prof. Zech in the Czech Republic/Pilsen (→ Details) and – just recently – also in Austria/Bregenz and Salzburg (→ Details). Currently, egg donation is prohibited in Germany and Switzerland (Status as of 10 June 2015).

In our fertility centers we apply procedures reflecting the latest developments in modern medicine which do meet our high quality standards and are exactly regulated by law. The teams consist of experienced doctors, biologists, nurses, medical-technical assistants and other specifically trained staff.

Our aim is to achieve a pregnancy with all the means at our disposal, while strictly observing the health of everyone involved. We can achieve this by using tried and tested medicines and methods.

In the context of an IVF with donor eggs, particular attention is paid to the physical and mental strain this may place on the donor. The respective legal provisions defined by EU guidelines and national legislation are strictly complied with.

At our IVF centers we do not perform "egg-sharing", i.e. the eggs obtained from one donor are exclusively meant for one recipient.

Of course, all of our IVF Centers Prof. Zech are certified according to
ISO 9001:2015.


When is an egg donation recommended?

  • after surgical removal of both ovaries
  • after chemotherapy or radiation of the lesser pelvis
  • after the treatment of malignant diseases
  • in women suffering from a condition referred to as premature menopause (i.e. premature ovarian failure)
  • in the case of genetic diseases
  • in the case of recurring pathological embryos in the context of IVF / ICSI / IMSI
  • in the case of repeatedly failed fertilization in the context of IVF / ICSI / IMSI
  • in the event of repeated negative pregnancy tests following embryo transfer
For more details on egg donation, please refer to www.eizellspende.eu

Why do infertile couples opt for egg donation in the cs-CZ Czech Republic?

With its liberal legislation, the Czech Republic provides the opportunity of undergoing treatments in many areas of medicine that are not available in other European countries. Amongst others, the expertise in treating oncological patients with bone marrow and umbilical cord stem cells has a long tradition.

In a very similar manner, the Czech Republic offers childless couples who want to conceive a child a convenient way to have access to egg donation. This also implies that the requirements with regard to the potential egg donors are met.

In contrast to other European countries, the law situation in the Czech Republic allows the egg donors to remain anonymous (In many other European countries, anonymous egg donation is definitely not possible.). But what does this actually mean?

Anonymous or not anonymous?

Anonymous Not anonymous
In countries where anonymous egg donation is legally allowed (such as cs-CZ the Czech Republic), information on the donor is not disclosed to third parties – not even when requested by the egg recipient or the child (this is provided for by law). The data of the donors must be treated as strictly confidential and are kept under lock with the fertility center. The legislator prescribes that from a certain age onwards, any child conceived through egg donation has a right to identifying information about their donor. Consequently, the donor’s identity must be disclosed. In de-AT Austria, the fertility center where the treatment took place is under obligation to provide the relevant information. → Egg donation in Austria

We know from our experiences at the IVF Centers Prof. Zech – Pilsen that the legally binding requirement for anonymity in cs-CZ the Czech Republic leads to an increased willingness to donate eggs, which in turn, provides us with a larger number of donors. Thus, the couple’s chances of finding a suitable donor are considerably improved.

Donor Selection

The identification/allocation of a suitable donor is made by the fertility center in Pilsen. Neither the donor nor the couple has access to this data. With regard to the analysis and selection procedures, our team uses all the technical and medical means currently at its disposal in order to enable a treatment as optimal as possible for the couple concerned.

Physical characteristics such as skin, hair or eye color, height, weight etc., but also anthropometric data, blood group, rhesus factor and many more are documented and are subsequently subjected to detailed analysis and evaluation by our team of specialists and geneticists.

In this personalized and accurate matching procedure, we do not only pay attention to medical or health-related aspects, but also attempt to “enable” similarities in appearance between the donor and the egg recipient. To gain an overall picture, the personal and family circumstances of the donor are additionally taken into account.

Based on this in-depth analyses and information, the specialists at the fertility center identify a suitable donor.

"Typical Europeans"

Over the last centuries, Central Europe has been faced with a strong cultural mix among the population. Thus, people living north of the Alps show great similarities. Nowadays, across the national borders of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Czech Republic, anthropologists and physicians are talking about the typical, healthy Central European (the "typical European woman", the "typical European man")

Potential egg donors from these countries therefore display certain physical characteristics that are very suitable for infertile couples from Central Europe.

Short journey times

With its site in the Czech Republic, the IVF Centers Prof. Zech - Pilsen is situated in the heart of Europe (close to Germany, easily accessible from Austria and Switzerland, too) and offers patients a good chance to find a suitable donor in a timely manner.

Anfahrtszeiten zu den IVF Zentren Prof. Zech - Pilsen

"Why seek far afield (e.g. Spain) when the good is close by!"

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